With the renovation nearly complete, the Top of Waikiki client and I were looking for a design solution for the outdoor rooftop area adjacent to the restaurant lobby.  Because it was in direct sight of the lobby, it was important that it become part of the new design concept.  After researching various options only to come up against road blocks, I turned to Alex Alexander to see if she had any potential artists who would be willing to tackle the job.  I was fortunate to meet and get to work with local artist Kim Duffet.  Not only was he willing to take on the challenge, but he took it one step further and created a beautiful rooftop rock and sculpture garden with a story line that worked with our design and incorporated a sense of Hawaii. He won over the client in the first concept presentation and the result was clean and simple, but with incredible depth.  He and Alex worked with the client to meet their budget and maintenance needs and even made alterations after the installation to make sure that all components were working properly.  I am filled with gratitude for the effort that Alex and Kim put into this project and am very happy with the final result.  

Lisa-Maria Priester / Ten Interiors, WCIT Architecture


A Big Mahalo to Alex!  “After searching extensively on my own for an artist to create a 20’ high custom piece of wall art for my interior design project in Dana Point, California, I came up frustrated and empty handed. I then remembered that Alex Alexander represented many artists and could possibly help. We met and I explained my situation and Alex went on the search. She came up with three good options for artists in a timely way and we agreed on the California based company of Wood-Janssen. Alex was most supportive and there every step of the way, during the design process and in close communication with the artist and myself to ensure that the project stayed on track and was successful for all involved. The piece itself was most challenging as it was quite large and the original materials came in over budget. This could have been a huge setback as the installation date was getting close. As a team we were able to overcome this challenge by reselecting suitable materials that kept the integrity of the design. The end result was a unique and fabulous piece of wall art that met my requirements, exceeded my expectations and thrilled my clients. I applaud Alex on her professionalism and guidance throughout the process and look forward to our next project together.” 

Cindi White Designs LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii


“Alex Alexander is a pleasure to work with; capable and diligent in all she does.  Her artists offer a wide variety of mediums, are quite talented, and devoted to Alex as their representative.  The product lines she represents are diverse and applicable to many architectural & interior design projects.  I have used her consulting services for over 7 years, and have been satisfied with the results each time.”      Deberra O’Brien, IIDA, GR

Deberra O’Brien IIDA, GR; Honolulu, Hawaii


I highly recommend Alex for ventures that require hard work and project management with an insight into the workings of the art world. She showed exceptional ability in organizational and communication skills with a drive to make things happen.”

Barry Redmayne, Trade Publishing; Honolulu, Hawaii

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